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Talent Identification

Talent identification is extremely important to produce champions. In that direction there are four schemes being implemented.

  • World Beaters Talent Spotting Scheme
  • Selection Trials for Sports Hostels
  • Selection Trials for Sports Hostel of Excellence
  • Selection Trials for Centre of Excellence
  • World Beaters Talent Spotting Scheme

In order to spot talent at an early age, SDAT conducts battery of tests for students in 6th, 7th and 8th standards in all schools every year under the “World Beater’s Talent Spotting Scheme”. Subsequently a report card containing the results of the battery of tests is issued which helps assess the child’s potential to develop further in a particular game / sport.

Scholarship Talent Identification At Educational District, Regional And State Levels

SDAT conducts athletics competitions in 67 education districts throughout Tamil Nadu. In each education district 500 boys and girls participate in the above meet. Those placed in the first three places in each education district participate in regional meet grouping the nearby education districts. In each regional meet, talented top performers are identified and a 15 day residential intensive coaching is given. In these camps talented boys and girls are identified for state selection trails. The best talents thus identified are inducted into the specialised academies for continuous coaching every year. Those who are willing are admitted to the sports hostels. In 2012-13, 12173 schools conducted the battery test. 4690 students have been identified for participation in 9 regional level competitions.

Sports Hostels Selection Trials (Two Tier)

In sports hostels, students studying in 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th standards are being admitted by conducting selection trials at district level and State level. Total sanctioned strength for the sports hostels is 1400. Presently 1357 sportspersons are enrolled and being coached.

Selection Trials for Sports Hostel Of Excellence For Men/Women

The selection trials for the ‘Sports Hostel of Excellence’ are being conducted every year to select sportspersons in different disciplines from amongst those who are in college and who possess the potential to win at national and international competitions. Sports Hostel of Excellence for men and women are functioning in Jawaharlal Nehru stadium and the multipurpose indoor stadium respectively. While the Hostel of Excellence for men has a strength of 80, hostel of Excellence for women has a strength of 60.

Selection Trials for Centre Of Excellence For Sports

Most talented 25 boys and 25 girls in the age group of 10-14 years are selected by conducting talent identification tests by a panel of experts at the district and state level. Talented boys and girls so selected are admitted to the Centre of Excellence established in Chennai and given specialized coaching.

Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Raja Muthiah Road, Periyamet, Chennai - 600003


+ 044 - 2561 1522

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+ 044 - 2561 1522

+ 044 - 2561 0934

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