1. Background
Champions Development Scheme is a unique scheme approved by the Government order G.O. (1D) No.73, dated 27.6.1997, earlier the scheme details were put up in Executive Committee following the issue of Government order   and the Executive Committee has approved the norms under which  sports persons who are exceptionally talented and who have the potential to win International medals are identified and ‘need based’ assistance is provided as follows:-

  • Air fare to participate in competitions  aborad
  • Assistance for Boarding and Lodging for participation  in competitions in abroad.
  • Assistance to undergo training facilities
  • International standard training facilities
  • Standard sports kit and equipments
  • Physiological, Psychological, Nutrition advice and sports medicine input.
  • Free access pass for using the SDAT owned facilities.

2. Eligibility
I.            The individual  should be currently an active sports person in competitive sports with participation in current National / International events.

II.           The eligibility criterion for consideration under the Champions Development Scheme is the Gold medal winning performance in a National Championship conducted by the National Sports Federations or SGFI or SAI or PYKKA Nationals.

III.          Qualifying performance should be within 1 year of date of application for enrolment in the scheme.

IV.         Age at the time of induction should be below 20 years.        

3. Interview and Induction into Champions Development Scheme:

            In order to assess the interest and importance given for the sports by the sports persons and his / her parents, an interview with the applicant with their parents will be conducted by a Committee comprising of the following officials of SDAT.

  • General Manager, SDAT
  • Deputy General Manager, SDAT
  • Senior Manager, SDAT

The format prescribed for conducting the interview is enclosed in Annexure-I.  Based on the Committee’s recommendation in the format in Annexure-II, Member Secretary will approve the induction of the sports person into the Champions Development Scheme and a proceeding will be isused as per Annexure-III.

4. Duration of Assistance:
            The sports persons will be inducted into Champions Development Scheme initially for a period of 2 years.  If performance improved consistently, the benefits under the scheme will be extended for 1 year.  After that it can be extended further depending on improvement in the performance (for example, time, distance in the case of Athletics and Swimming) for 2 years at a time.  For other  disciplines,  ranking and consistent medal winning performance in National and International competitions, improvement in ranking position together with creditable performances will be taken as criteria for extension.  Under the Champions Development Scheme need based assistance will be provided for the following:

5. Kit and Equipment:
All sports persons under this program will be provided with kit if they express the need for the same.  Such kit that is provided will be of International standard and quality.  Considering difficulties that the SDAT would have in purchase procedures and access to international standard kit and procuring such items from abroad, clearance will be given to individuals to purchase the same and the costs reimbursed on production of bills. 
Equipment that is required for the individual to train or compete will be provided depending upon the costs involved.  Wherever possible, equipment that would be utilized by more than one champion for common training purpose will be placed at a common location. Considering the need for specialized equipment to support and supplement the training program, expert advice will be taken for such equipment to be bought and installed in the SDAT stadia.

6. Physiological Testing:
            All sports persons who have been inducted under this program should compulsorily be sent to Bangalore for at least two days tests comprising physiological and anthropometric test, etc.  These tests will be repeated every year in order to assist the champion in developing physical condition to further improvement.

    • The SDAT shall utilize the help of experts to further the results that received  it  from Bangalore and provide necessary advice to the parents of the Champion in the lines of expert opinion.  Also, wherever required monitoring shall be done by SDAT to ensure that the champion makes progress on the desired lines.
    • The SDAT will provide second class railway fare and a Coach will accompany the sports persons on each trip to Bangalore.  All charges at the SAI campus will be borne by the SDAT.

 7. Nutrition:
The Champions Development Sports Person shall obtain services of a qualified  nutrition expert to assist them in planning  and implementing a proper diet appropriate to the discipline.  They  shall  take into account the food habits, training sessions and competition period of the Champion Development Sports Person.  The Nutritionist assessment and progress reports shall be submitted by the Champions Development Sports Persons for claiming assistance towards payment for nutrition service.
Wherever food supplements are required as recommended by the Nutritionist, funds shall be provided based on the nutritionist recommendations. 
The sitting fee for sessions with nutritionist engaged by the Champions Development Sports Person shall be met by SDAT on application by the Champions Development Sports Person with the latest reports. Cookery class for the parents shall be arranged by the nutritionist as a part of this arrangement.  

8. Sports Medicine:
All champions shall be subject to regular check up by a sports medicine expert or team.  If there are any costs to be borne for consultation fees, it shall be paid by the SDAT.
A special  workshop  shall  be conducted for the champions with regard to possible sports injuries, reasons for the same and required remedies.  All costs for such workshop shall be borne by the SDAT. 

9. Free Access:
All champions shall be given free access to the facilities in SDAT during all working hours.  This will include Library facility at the Head Office, Swimming Pools, Gym facilities, all stadia, etc.
Each champion shall be provided an ID card for every year which shall be renewed and will serve as a Pass for all these facilities. 

10. Travel Fare:
Financial assistance for training at Foreign Countries, participation in International  competitions recognized by the World Federation concerned will be provided to Elite Sports Persons.  Financial assistance for non-recognized events will not be provided.
Formalities to be fulfilled would include submission of the acceptance letter,   accepting the  sports person from the  Institute /Profile of the Coach, data on the background of the Institute, details about period of training (minimum of two weeks), etc.
Flight ticket costs for the Elite Sports Person for participation  in recognized International competitions that would clearly enable the individual to improve his international rankings / increase international exposure / international circuit meets would be reimbursed for lowest possible economy class fare.
Participation in International competitions / training for which the air travel costs etc. borne by the Govt. of India / Federations / SAI or Private sponsors or organizers will not be considered for air travel assistance under this program.  (The individual is encouraged to secure as much assistance as possible from private sponsors towards his/her career.  Double claims shall be strictly avoided).

11. Cash Awards to Consistent Performers:
            After induction under the scheme  the Champions Development Sports Person performing well in the National Championships will be awarded cash incentives  as follows:-

Gold medal in International event organized by concerned International Sports Federation


Silver medal in International event organized by concerned International Sports Federation


Bronze medal in International event organized by concerned International Sports Federation


Gold medal winner in a National Championship


Silver medal winner in a National Championship


Bronze medal winner in a National Championship


12. Boarding and Lodging (abroad):
            Immediate assistance will be provided for boarding and lodging while competing  /  training  abroad.   While  applying  for  such  assistance,  the individual should submit clear details about the prospectus of such tournaments / training courses to indicate the extent to which boarding and lodging assistance will depend on the shortfall that the individual is unable be provided by the organizers.  However, financial assistance under this program will depend on the shortfall that the individual is unable to cover and will need prior approval for funding. (However, boarding and lodging assistance will not be provided as a regular feature of this program.  Considering that financial resources are limited it will depend upon the maximum allocation being drawn by the individual who is this scheme).

13. Training abroad and in India:
Training abroad in recognized / reputed advanced institutions will be encouraged under this program.  Priority will be given wherever a clear orientation and plan has been drawn up to support the career development of the individual sports person.

14. Evaluating and monitoring performance:
Each individual who has been brought into this scheme will be required to submit a performance report by the 5th of every month to the SDAT in the prescribed format endorsed in Annexure-Iv to indicate coaching programs being undertaken, competitions, requirement from SDAT, etc.  This shall be monitored on a monthly basis with a proper data base. Each individual shall be evaluated for further continuance in the program after a period of 2 years.  The second phase shall be extended up to 3 years.  The third phase shall be for a period of 2 years and the Executive Committee will decide on further continuance depending upon the opinion of the expert group which will be formed to evaluate the performances of the individual.  The members of this expert group shall be nominated by the SDAT.  The expert group shall consist of the Member-Secretary one Olympian / Arjuna Awardee of that particular discipline, Sports medicine Doctor, a Coach nominated by the Member Secretary. 

15. Dovetailing other schemes (convergence)

            The sports persons are eligible for consideration of other programs and incentives being given by SDAT such as cash incentives, etc. under this scheme irrespective of the fact that they are getting any other assistance and assistance from anywhere else i.e. sponsors, etc.

 16. Sanction of Funds
The Government  has enhanced the need based assistance for the CDS Champions fvrom Rs.1.00 lakh to Rs.2.00 lakhs per annum from the year 2011-2012.  This amount will be sanctioned from the accrued interest of Corpus Fund.  There is no financial allocation from Government for the implementation of the Champions Development Scheme. The expenditures are being met out from the accrued interest of the Corpus Fund. To begin with,  an  individual  inducted  into  this  scheme  shall  be eligible  for  a maximum amount of Rs.2.00 lakhs per year.   After this amount is exhausted, for every additional lakh at a time, the individual’s performance shall be put up for approval to the Executive Committee and the amount extended further, if their performance is increasing in a desired manner.  

17. Deed of Agreement
            All entrants into the Scheme shall sign a Deed of Agreement and so also their parents.  This Deed will declare that they will abide by the provisions of the Scheme.

18. Performance Review
            The performance of the Champions will be evaluated by a Committee comprising of following Members (Badminton, Boxing, Cycling, Fencing, Gymnastics, Rowing, Shooting, Swimming, Squash, Sailing, Table Tennis, Triathon, Weightlifting, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball).


Committee Members



General Manager

Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu


Deputy General Manager

Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu


Senior Manager

Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu


Senior most Regional Senior Manager / District Sports and Youth Welfare Officer of the concern discipline

May be selected by the General Manager, SDAT, Chennai.


Senior most Coach from the SDAT

May be selected by the General Manager, SDAT, Chennai.


Association Secretary / Nominee from the concern discipline

May be called from the concern Association.

            These reviews will be carried out in November, December, January of every financial year.

19. Weeding out of poor performers:
            If desired progress is not seen in performance, based on the recommendation of the Committee, such sports persons will be weeded out every year during April.

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