SDAT- Government  Orders      
  G.o.MS.No.43  Dated:27.12.11PDF

Sports - SDAT - Enhancement of the grant to the state sports Association from Rs.65.00 lakhs to 130.00 lakhs - Additional grant for Rs.65.00 lakhs- Sanctioned - Orders - Issued.

  G.o.1(D).No.41  Dated:21.12.11PDF

State level Athletic Championship for Differently abled persons

  G.o.MS.No.42 Date:21.12.11PDF

Pension for outstanding Sports persons -Enhancement Pension

  G.o.Ms.No.30 Date:2.12.11PDF

Construction of indoor stadium -part II scheme - 2012

  G.o.Ms.No.31 Date:2.12.11PDF

Establishment of a Sports hostel of Excellance exclusivelyfor women

  G.o.Ms.No.34 Date:2.12.11PDF

Establishment of indoor hall for Indoor sports

  G.o.Ms.No.39 Date:21.12.11PDF

Enhanced of existing strength of students in sports school / Hostel

            G.o.1(D).No.41 Dated:21.12.11PDF

State level Athletic Championship for Differently abled persons

  G.o.Ms.No.41 Dated:21.12.11PDF

Implementation of day boarder scheme

  G.o.Ms.No.38   Dated: 19.12.11PDF

Sports - High Cash Incentive to the Medal Winners in Olympic Asian Games Commonwealth Games, South Asian Federation Games and National Games - Upward revision of cash incentives to the Medal Winners - Orders - Issued

  G.o.Ms.No.33   Dated: 2.12.11PDF

Establishment of 25X13 Meters short course swimming pool at shenoynagar

  G.o.Ms.No.40 Dated: 21.12.11PDF

Republic day Sports and Bharathiyar day Sports for school children

  G.o.Ms.No.35 Dated: 07.12.11PDF

Panchayat - Yuva Krida Aur Khel Abhiyan(PYKKA) centrally Sponsered Scheme - Amendments to the Guidelines issued for implementing PYKKA Scheme in Tamil Nadu -Orders- Issued.

  G.o.Ms.No.28 Dated 21.11.11PDF

Establishment of Centre of Excellence at chennai

  G.o.Ms.No.24 Dated 14.11.11PDF

Conduct of State Games 2012-13

  G.o.Ms.No.29 Dated:24.11.11PDF

Aircel Chennai Open

  G.o.Ms.No.15 Dated:27.6.11PDF

Establishment of Trap and Skeet Range - Virapuram

  G.o.Ms.No.12 Dated:10.2.11PDF

World Beaters talent Spotting scheme - Special Scholarship

  G.o.Ms.No.31 Dated:13.06.2002PDF

Sports- Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu- Participation of Private Scetors in Sports Infrastructure Development- Permission Granted - Orders - Issued

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