SDAT- Government  Orders      
             G.o.No 435 Dated:07.12.12PDF

Tenure Changes - Orders Issued.

             G.o.No 69 Dated:10.11.12PDF

Sports Devlopment Authority of Tamil Nadu - Conducting of Chief Minister Trophy for Team Games - Additional Games included - Sanction of Expentiture - Issued.

             G.o.No 67 Dated:10.11.12PDF

Village Games - Conduct of Village Sports and Games in Village Panchayats- Sanction of Rs.25.05 crores as recurring expenditure - Orders Issued

             G.o.No 60 Dated:03.09.12PDF

Village Games - 25% State Government Share to Village Panchayats- Orders Issued

             G.o.No 55 Dated:21.8.12PDF

Part  II Scheme 2012-13 – Sports – Development of Accommodation, During and  Kitchen Facilities in Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Chennai – Government  grants towards non-recurring expenditure –Sanction – Orders issued

             G.o.No 51 Dated:03.8.12PDF

Awards and Incentives

           G.o.No.50 Dated:3.8.12PDF 

Establishment of Multi purpose indoor stadium in 5 Districts

          G.o.No 48 Dated:03.8.12PDF 

Providing of Financial Assistance to State Sports Association

           G.o.No.43 Dated:13.07.12PDF 

Sports - Construction of a Swimming Pool at Namakkal and Thiruvallur at the cost of Rs. 100.00 lakhs each - Orders - Issued

           G.o.No.42 Dated:04.07.2012PDF 

SDAT - Additional posts of coach Sanction - Orders - Issued

           G.o.No.41 Dated:04.07.2012PDF 

Sports - Stadium Maintenance - Provision of High Mast light arrangement and Electrification at Nehru Stadium, Coimbatore - Sanction of Expenditure - Orders - Issued

        G.o.(MS).No 23 Dated:21.03.12PDF

Sports - Upward Revision of Cash Incentive to the Medal Winner in the Olympic, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, South Asian Federation Games and National Games - Government Orders - Amendment - Issued

        G.o.(MS).No 11 Dated:10.2.12PDF

Establishment of Synthetic Hockey Turf

      G.o.(MS).No 14 Dated:10.2.12PDF    

Purchase of Vechicles to officers to SDAT

      G.o.(MS).No 13 Dated:10.2.12PDF    

Sports - Procurement of Modern Equipments to the Indoor Gymstasnic Stadium, Chennai

          G.o.(MS).No 16 Dated:10.2.12PDF 

Establishment of Multipurpose Indoor Stadim in Districts

       G.o.(Ms).No.17 Dated: 10.2.12PDF  

Establishment of Sports Hostels

     G.o.MS.No.12 Date:10.2.12PDF

Sports - World Beaters Talent Spotting Scheme - Special Scholarship for the budding Talents - Sanction - Orders - Issued

             G.o.MS.No.10 Date:10.2.12PDF

Institution of Chief Minister Trophy for Team Games

  G.o.(Ms).No.15 Date:10.2.12PDF  

Construction of Volleyball and Basketball Courts with Galvalume Sheet Roof

  G.o.Ms.No.15 Date:13.1.12 PDF

Enhancement of Scholarship for School and College Students -National competitions

  G.o.MS.No.9 Date:10.2.12PDF

Installation Synthetic Athletic track at Trichy

  G.o.(Ms).No.7 Date 28.01.12PDF

Sports -Maintenance of Districts Sports Complex of Sports Developrnent Authority of Tamil Nadu -Enhancement of Grant from 2011-12 - Sanction - -Orders - lssued.

  G.o.(Ms).No.6 Date 18.1.12PDF

Chennai open Squash Tournament 2012

  G.o.Ms.No.5 Date 13.1.12PDF

Sports - Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu - Enhancement of Scholarship for the School and College students who won medals in National Competitions - Sanction - Orders - Issued

  G.o.Ms.No.4 Date 13.1.12PDF

Sports - Special Scholarship for 5 Elite Sports Persons - Rs. 125.00 lakhs- Sanctioned - Orders- Issued.

  G.o.Ms.No.3 Date 13.1.12PDF

Chief Minister's Trophy for Atheltic Championship Men and Women

  G.o.Ms.No.2 Date 12.1.12PDF

Establishment of New Sports Complexes in 31 Districts.

  G.o.Ms.No.1 Date 4.1.12PDF

Weakend Coaching camp in Districts

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