Physical Fitness

According to American College of Sports Medicine, "Physical fitness is the ability to perform moderate to vigorous levels of physical activity without undue fatigue and the capability of maintaining such ability throughout life."


It is an enhancement our health by participating in regular physical activity; eating a well-rounded and nutritious diet; maintaining recommended levels of body fat (through exercise and diet); learning to cope with stressors; and enjoying life without smoking, alcohol, or other drugs.

Health related physical fitness

It is essential and needed for everyone to carry out their day to day task without fatigue irrespective of age and sex. The components of health related fitness includes body composition, muscular strength and endurance, cardio respiratory endurance and flexibility.

  1. Body composition

It is about maintaining fat levels in our body. Our body is composed of fat mass and lean body mass. A person is said to be in good body composition if he/she maintains with reduced fat mass (not more than 15% for male and 22% for female) and increased lean body mass.

  1. Muscular strength and endurance

Muscular strength is the ability to lift or carry objects with considerable weight and at the same time muscular endurance means ability to perform activities with moderate resistance for longer period. Example for muscular strength is carrying heavy suit case during travel. Example for muscular endurance is a traffic police standing at signal and performing his duties for hours.

  1. Cardio respiratory endurance

It is the efficiency of the heart and lungs to supply the required amount of oxygen to the working muscles.

  1. Flexibility

It is the range of motion of our joint. How flexible our joints are? is the state of flexibility of an individual.

Tips to maintain health related fitness

Optimum Body composition can be maintained only with regular exercise and diet. Resistance exercises improve our muscular strength and endurance. Aerobic exercise (brisk walk, jogging, swimming, cycling etc for 30 minutes a day) keeps our heart healthy and fit. Regular stretching exercise keeps our body with optimum flexibility. At least 3 days a week (on alternate days) an individual should spend 30-45 minutes a day for exercise to keep his body fit.

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